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Even before the race started the 2021 Richmond 400 has proved itself to be one of the craziest race weekends. With free practice delayed by 30 minutes due to an unloading accident that left Easy Idle backup pitty Peter Hawkins in hospital and Danny Swervez starting last after he crashed in quaifying despite being fastest in practice. Richie Gunzit missed the race because of being sick due to tasting tire rubber of Danny Swervez. J.P Drive somehow got the pole position.

It become one of the most historic races of the season as while J.D Mcpillar won the race,Bubba Wheelhouse Jr took a surprise 2nd place and Chris Roamin took an even more shocking 3rd place after a massive 15 car pileup on the second last lap of the race caused by Ace Cohen and Dan Carcia making contact with caused Ace Cohen to go airborne and flipping several times like The King and Dan to collect other cars. The race was not red flagged and the final two laps were finished under caution because most of the DNF cars were on the grass or able to go back to the pits. J.D won his first race since the 2018 Leak Less 400.



Axel: Come on Ace you got to overtake him!

Ace: Dont worry Axel! Its all good! Dan Carcia wont stand a chance against me!

Natalie: A battle between Ace Cohen and Dan Carcia for about 10th! Ace overtakes Dan!

Ace: 10th place baby! Now to block you

Ace makes contact with Dan

Ace: AH! WHAT!




Natalie: OH A HUGE PILEUP AS DAN CARCIA STARTS THE BIG ONE AT RICHMOND! CHASE RACELOTT A CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER INVOLVED! Thank goodness not many parts were flying everywhere otherwise it would be red flagged!

Jeff: That was ugly!

Axel Kace: ACE YOU IDIOT! YOU DONT JUST CRASH LIKE THIS! UGH! Why did I even join you as a crew chief!

Troy: AXEL! What the hell was that for! Cant you see the poor guy is injured!

Axel Kace: Well its his own fault!

Troy: I dont care Axel! Im gonna help him!

Axel telling the pitties to quit


Troy: I don't want to but uh whatever you say just please dont hurt me!

Kirk: I don't know.

David: What?

Alex: I DON'T WANT TO! You guys are a bunch of snivelling cowards and you should be ashamed of yourselves! I quit you clan of junk!

(Alex leaves)

Meanwhile with Ace

Ace(very weak): Uhhh what happened!

Troy: ACE! You had a bad crash! You went airborne!

Kirk: How are you doing Ace?

Ace(very weak): Uhhhhh i dont know? I cant move though.

Kirk: QUICK he needs an ambulance!

Natalie: Ace Cohen after a serious crash going airborne is now taken to an ambulance because he cannot move his tires and he is clearly injured.

Jeff: What a weekend. First Peter Hawkins then Richie Gunzit and now Ace Cohen taken to the ambulance going to the hospital. All in the same hospital too.

In The Hospital after Ace Cohen crashed

Nurse: Another patient coming in fast! Ace Cohen! He crashed in the Richmond 400!

Nurse 2: WHAT! ANOTHER ONE FROM RICHMOND SPEEDWAY! WHAT IS GOING ON THERE! SERIOUSLY! This is the third time this weekend a patient from that race comes! First that Easy Idle pitty Peter Hawkins comes after an unloading accident! Then Richie Gunzit because of getting tire rubber in mouth! and now Ace Cohen because of crash!

Nurse: Well its not has bad as Peter but still Ace Cohen needs help

In the hospital room

Ace(very weak): So this is what a bad crash feels like. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Its painful and you just cant move!! I seriously wonder how Doc Hudson, The King and Lightning McQueen felt after their airborne crashes, also, where is Axel!!!!

Doctor: I don't know anyone named Axel, but i decided to put you with two other patients who also had accidents and you know them well and I'm sure you would like to see them.

Peter Hawkins(very weak): Um? Hello? Who are you?

Richie Gunzit(very weak): ACE! How come you are here!

Ace(very weak(: Peter and Richie! wow i didnt think you would be here ok now why im here i went airborne thats why im here!

Richie(very weak): Oh im here because of that STUPID TIRE RUBBER!!!!

Peter(very weak): Why am i here? Um? How did i end up here again? I dont know why im here or what im supposed to do here

Doctor: Well Ace you will be staying for a while until your better

Ace(very weak): Ok I guess.

(End of transcript)

Tide pit crew fight and Axel betrays Ace

Shannon:(showing entire track) Shannon Spokes here at Richmond raceway. Where we saw a terrible crash at the end of the race, involving one particular racer who was Ace Cohen.

Jet Simmons:(being interviewed, camera light flashes) I just hope Ace is okay.

Bubba:(with Chase, Ryan, Danny, and Cruz beside him, being interviewed)) I feel like his crew chief is pressuring him and doesn’t want to help Ace at all. I just hope he, Peter, and Richie will recover soon.

J.D McPillar:(being interviewed) It was a good win for me today, but I hope he will be okay.

Shannon: Everyone is asking the same question; will Ace be okay…


Ace’s doctor:(sees Ace waking up) Ah, you’re awake. How are you feeling?

Ace: I feel a little bit better, but still very hurt.

Ace’s doctor: I have fixed your damaged suspension and broken frame, but there’s still a lot more to be done.

Main office of hospital

Ace’s father:(to office pitty) We came as soon as you called. Is Ace okay? I am his father Jeff and that is my wife Laura and we want to know how our son is doing.

Office pitty: He is still recovering from his damages.

Jeff Cohen: May I please see him?

Office pitty: The doctor will not accept visits at the moment until further notice, I am sorry.

(Ace’s father sighs, his wife is beside him)

Hospital room

Richie’s doctor:(to Richie) Alright, hold still.

(Axel bangs door from outside)

Axel:(muffled) OPEN UP!

Richie:(shakes) AH! Who was that!

Peter:(shakes) UH I DONT KNOW!

Richie’s doctor: Remain calm, the nurse is getting the door.

Nurse:(opening door) Can’t you see we have patients trying to recover? Those kinds of actions won’t be tolerated here!

Axel: Where is Ace!

Nurse:(Axel drives to Ace while Nurse is talking) He is being recovered by one of our doctors now please- (sees him talking to Ace) hey, what are you doing!


Axel:(not listening to him) Why did you crash like that in Richmond! That was the most stupid move i ever seen!

(both start arguing loudly)

Nurse: Guys, please stop fighting. (to Axel) Sir, you need to leave and wait outside just like everyone-

Axel:(hits Nurse) I don’t care!

(all gasp)

Ace: I can’t believe you just did that! What has gotten into you! I thought you were my friend!


(dramatic, high-pitch music)

Ace: W-what? What did you say!

Axel: You’re on your own now, goodbye!

Ace: What! NO! COME BACK! NO!

(music gets more sadder)

(Axel and his team leaves)

Ace:(in tears) NOOOO!!!! Come back!

(tries to move but stumbles)

(Ace’s doctor and Ace's mom comforts him)

Ace’s doctor:(by Ace’s side, he’s crying) Everything will be okay, I’m so sorry this has happened.

Ace(crying): HOW! How could this happen mom!!!!

Main office

(Ace’s father Jeff sees Axel and his team about to leave)

Jeff: Axel? Where are you going? Is Ace okay?

Axel: WE QUIT working with Ace! Goodbye!

Jeff: W-wait. WHAT? Where are you going!

(Tide team leaves)

Jeff: Come back!

Ace’s little cousin Chris:(to his mom) Will Ace be okay?

Ace’s aunt Mary:(to her son) Yes, you don’t need to worry.

(Lightning McQueen, Cruz, and the Radiator Springs family comes in from the entrance)

Chris: Hey look! It’s Lightning McQueen!

Lightning:(softly to him) Hello there, little fella.

Chris: You’re THE Lightning McQueen! I have so many questions to-

Jeff: Hey, maybe you can talk with Lightning McQueen later.

Chris: Awww, okay.

Lightning:(to Ace’s father) Mr. Cohen, what’s going on? We just saw Axel and the Tide team leave the hospital! What’s going on? Is Ace okay?

Jeff: He told me they quit working for Ace!

Sally: Ace’s team quit on him?

(Ace comes in, he is pushed by pitty in a treadmill-looking wheelchair)

Ace’s father: Ace! (their family gathers around him)

Ace: Dad!

Ace’s father: What happened?

Ace:(in tears) AXEL AND MY TEAM QUIT ON ME! It’s like he betrayed me!

Ace’s father: I am so sorry, he’s such a coward to do that! Everything will be okay, don’t worry, son.

Ace:(still in tears) Axel was paying my apartment rent! Where will I stay!

Ace’s mother: Calm down, Ace.

Sally: Maybe Ace can stay in Radiator Springs after he’s healed!

Lightning: Yeah, good idea, Sally. The Cozy Cone Motel isn’t fully booked, so you are welcome to stay there. We can offer a free-night stay for as long as you’d like.

Ace: Really? (sniffs) You would do that for me?

Cruz: Of course, we’re a family, we’re always here to help anyone.

Mater: That sure is right!

Ace: Wow, thanks, that means a lot.

Flo: When we get there, you can try my fine gas! Ramone can set you up with a new coat of paint!

(Ramone raises his stance like in the Cars movies)

Fillmore: And you can taste my organic fuel, man.

Luigi: And we can give you a new set of race tires! Maybe white wall tires!

Ace: ALRIGHT! Thanks guys!

(gets pushed back into hospital room)

Hospital room

(Ace’s doctor fixes Ace in timelapse)

(the music of when Dusty gets fixed by Dottie before the Mexico race plays)

(shows the sun rising and setting in a fast timelapse)

(shows Lightning talking with Ace’s family, it’s inaudible)

(shows timelapse of cars driving on busy highways)

6 days later…..

Ace: Peter! Richie! You’re both recovered!

Peter:(spinning in circles) Yeah! I feel better! I just don't quite remember all that much still but at least I know who I am now! Peter Hawkins that's my name!

Richie: Can’t wait to get back on the track, thanks, Doctor!

(distinct chatter from Richie and Peter)

(A smile spreads on Ace’s face)

Ace’s doctor: Okay, let’s wheel you outside!

Ace: Thanks.

Main Entrance

(Ace’s little cousin Chris is talking to Lightning)

Jeff: Ace!

Ace: Dad! Mom! Hey guys!

Ace’s little cousin: Ace! You’re okay! I was talking to THE Lightning McQueen.

(Lightning smiles)

(Peter and Richie come from hallway too)

Harvey: Peter! You’re okay!

Peter: Um yeah sort of. I remember your name now Harvey but I still dont remember many things....

Harvey: Thats alright Peter you can still come with us!

Richie’s crew chief:(to Richie) Hey, bud! The team wasn’t the same without you!

Ace: So glad I get to go home!

Ace’s father: Yeah, hey, I spoke to the owners’ of your apartment, they sold the house and some money was given to us. But there’s still a lot more to catch up on our finances.

Ace: That’s good, but where’s my stuff then?

Ace’s father: Jet’s hauler, Neville, has your belongings. Some of your stuff is going to go to my place.

Ace: That’s good, can’t wait to race the LA 500 tomorrow! I bet it’s going to be great!

Wheelchair pitty: I am sorry, but the doctor has said that you cannot participate in the final race of the season. She said your damages will increase if you race. I am sorry.

Ace:(saddened) Oh. Well, I wish I was able to race.

Lightning: I’m sorry about that, but look on the bright side, you’re getting recovered and I’m sure that in a few more weeks or so, you will be fit and fully recovered.

Ace: Thanks, Lightning. It means a lot.

Jeff: So what are we waiting for! Let’s fly to Radiator Springs!

(everyone cheers)

(End of transcript)

James Comet is revealed as Ace's crew chief

Tide Team Owner: Ace, I think we found you a suitable crew chief.

Ace: Who?

Tide Team Owner: It will be Speedy's twin James Comet!

James: Hello Ace!

Ace: Hi!

James: Anyway I'm glad to be your crew chief!

Ace: Yay!


  1. J.D Mcpillar - 200 laps - 42 + 3 Points
  2. Bubba Wheelhouse Jr - 200 laps - 41 Points
  3. Chris Roamin - 200 laps - 40 Points
  4. Paul Conrev - 200 laps - 39 Points
  5. Harvey Rodcap - 200 laps - 38 Points
  6. Eric Jones - 200 laps - 37 Points
  7. Kevin Jacobson - 200 laps - 36 Points
  8. Sheldon Shifter - 200 laps - 35 Points
  9. Zach Wheeler - 200 laps - 34 Points
  10. Nick Shift - 200 laps - 33 Points
  11. Rich Mixon - 200 laps - 32 Points
  12. Ryan Laney - 200 laps - 31 Points
  13. Cruz Ramirez - 200 laps - 30 Points
  14. Will Rusch - 200 laps - 29 Points
  15. Danny Swervez - 200 laps - 28 Points
  16. J.P Drive - 200 laps - 27 Points
  17. H.J Hollis - 200 laps - 26 Points
  18. Joel Carterson - 200 laps - 25 Points
  19. Michael Rotor - 200 laps - 24 Points
  20. M Fast Fong - 200 laps - 23 Points
  21. Jonas Carvers - 199 laps - 22 Points
  22. Monty Piceski - 199 laps - 21 Points
  23. Jet Simmons - 199 laps - 20 Points
  24. Joey Pitcrews - 199 laps - 19 Points
  25. Steve Lapage - 199 laps - 18 Points
  26. Spikey Fillups - 198 laps(crash) - 17 Points
  27. Chase Racelott - 198 laps(crash) - 16 Points
  28. Henry Lugnut - 198 laps(crash) - 15 Points
  29. Ed Truncan - 198 laps(crash) - 14 Points
  30. Dan Carcia - 198 laps(crash) - 13 Points
  31. Eric Braker - 198 laps(crash) - 12 Points
  32. Charles Yankee - 198 laps(crash) - 11 Points
  33. Ace Cohen - 198 laps(crash) - 10 Points
  34. Barry Depedal - 198 laps(crash) - 9 Points
  35. Conrad Camber - 198 laps(crash) - 8 Points
  36. Mindy Gearson - 198 laps(crash) - 7 Points
  37. Klint Shiftright Jr - 198 laps(crash) - 6 Points
  38. Finn Lowtire - 198 laps(crash) - 5 Points
  39. Cam Spinner - 198 laps(crash) - 4 Points
  40. Flip Dover - 198 laps(crash) - 3 Points
  41. Jim Reverick - 128 laps(engine) - 2 Points