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The 2023 Piston Cup Season will be proven to be an exciting season!

Checkered Flag Waver is in charge of making these races.


Schedule Change

For 2023 there will be a new schedule change. The Vitoline 350 also known as the first MSOTS race will be replaced by the Lil' Torquey Pistons 250 at a new track called the Nurburgring. The hardest track ever. And one of the longest in the world. Road courses return to Piston Cup. Instead of the normal 200 laps. The race will be 100 for the Piston Cup. 100 for Piston Cup B. 50 for Xfinity. 20 for Juniors. The same length for all 3 series' for the other new change replacing the second Texas race aka the Intersection 350 is Monza a road course. For all 3 series' it will also be the Amazon 250.

New Rookies & Sponsors

So a lot of new things have been going on, official rookies are Jeffery Fillings for Cakey Fillings, James Fuelers for ProPower, Rowdy Busch for HTB, Ruby Jr. for Pepsi, Michael Alexander Latifi for Sofina Foods, Caleb Piston for Sierra Mist, Miles Peeler for Google Maps, Carl Engine for SynerG replacing Eric Braker, Everett Chapcar for RPM replacing Barry DePedal, Aric Almirolling for Retread switching spots with Maximus Inngas, and Adam Condon for IGNTR in their return. Many other new sponsors and replacement racers are still rumored.


4 part-timers like last season will enter this season and will go rookie in 2024. They are Tyler Reddick for JR. Motorsports, Carstopher Bellcones for Yahoo!, Austin Cindwreck for CarShop, and Cole Thruster for Spring Vault. They all will race the same races in the season and it will be 15 races they race. To see the races they will race, please visit this page here: https://piston-cup.fandom.com/wiki/2023_Part-Timers_Appearance_Races?so=search

Piston Cup B Tie In's

The rule for 4 worst teams in the Piston Cup to Piston Cup B after 2022 and 4 best Piston Cup B teams to Piston Cup will still be active mostly but the 4 worst teams idea is scrapped. If a racer and team has below a certain number of points though, they will have to go to Piston Cup B. The 4 best Piston Cup B teams come no matter what. If the Piston Cup B team already has a car in the Piston Cup like for example with RPM, they have Barry DePedal, but Everett Chapcar could get in which makes him the new RPM racer and Barry DePedal is out of everywhere. There will NOT be an extra driver who is in 5th for the Piston Cup B standings allowed to get in if this is the case.

Entry List & Number Of Racers In A Race

The entry list is only up to 61. All "RUMORED" Racers at this point will have to RACE their way in, in a clash type race which is 200 laps at Florida International Speedway sometime in the summer. The top 4 will advance to the Piston Cup. The rest will go to CARCA, Xfinity, or Piston Cup B. Piston Cup is trying to avoid Piston Cup C from happening. The entry list is from 42 cars to 45 per race. So about 16 cars could not make the race or less depending on part-timers racing in certain races.

Struggling Team Withdraws Or Moved

So over Piston Cup years there have been a number of struggling teams. Any team that ha struggled so much in 2022 and before in the past, will have to withdraw into a different series. Piston Cup B may be their best bet because a lot of the sponsors already have teams in CARCA and Xfinity. They can work their way back in by going into Piston Cup B by going through the process of being in the top 4.

Special Features

Meet The Racers will NOT be happening this season due to lack of racers being able to possibly make the racers when it is their turn on the broadcasting show. This has already happened a few times in 2022 as well. Other new features will be said later on.

Qualifying's & Practice

Practice will remain the same with 1 session but instead of 1 hour it will be 30 minutes due to the Piston Cup taking up all RSN's TV time. THERE ARE OTHER RACING LEAGUES!!!!!!!!!! Qualifying will be different with RACES! So qualifying race number 1 or Heat number 1 will have every entered racer in. The top 10 finishers in it will be advanced to the next round. The racers who do not make it do not participate and start in the race where they finished, or if they did not make the cut off line of number of racers allowed in the race they get sent home. The top 10 racers in heat 2 are combined into the rest of the field and that is qualifying for 2023. THIS IS ONLY FOR PISTON CUP. Other series' are normal qualifying.

RSN Crew

Natalie Certain will continue to announce the races but for the fourth time she gets a new companion. Strip "The King" Weathers will replace Dale Earnhardt Junior is is currently the owner of JR Motorsports and Tyler Reddick's boss and is managing him and his team/racing hall of fame of racing historical stuff. The pit-reporter will be Milo Carson the brother of John Carson Clix Cola Elementary racer and future PCB 2023 racer as it has been since 2020 with Milo Carson.


The new officials are Jay Patrolski the new pace car and Erin Streamer the new flag waver replacing Pat Traxon and Kris Revstopski


This list below has all racers from 2022 listed. If they are in BOLD it means they are officially getting fired and replaced or retiring or moving to a lower series.. If they are in normal text then it means their staying for the season. If they are in italic text it means they are possibly getting replaced.


  1. Intersection 00 - Flip Dover
  2. Sidewall Shine 3 - Carstin "Ace" Dillon
  3. Tow Cap 4 - J.D McPillar
  4. SynerG 5 - Carl Engine (ROOKIE)
  5. Sierra Mist 7 - Caleb Piston (ROOKIE)
  6. JR Motorsports 8 - Tyler Reddick (Part-Time Rookie)
  7. Vitoline 9 - Chase Racelott
  8. Retread 10 - Aric Almiroling (ROOKIE)
  10. Blinkr 12 - Ryan "Inside" Laney
  11. Easy Idle 15 - Harvey Rodcap
  12. Texas 16 Auto Parts 16 - Dan McBrakes
  13. HTB 18 - Rowdy Revvin' Busch (ROOKIE)
  14. CarShop 19 - Austin Cindwreck (Part-Time Rookie)
  15. Pepsi 20 - Ruby "Easy" Oaks Jr. (ROOKIE)
  16. IGNTR 2.0 - Adam Condon (ROOKIE)
  17. Fiber Fuel 22 - GoGo Logano
  18. Transberry Juice 23 - Bubba Wheelhouse Junior
  19. Shifty Drug 24 - William Byrev
  20. Carhoo 25 - Carstopher Bellcones (Part-Time Rookie)
  22. TripleDent 31 - Cam Spinner
  23. Mood Springs 33 - Ed Truncan
  24. Trunk Fresh 34 - Steve LaPage
  25. Tank Coat 36 - Rich Mixon
  26. View Zeen 39 - Michael Rotor
  27. Sofina Foods 40 - Michael Alexander Latifi (ROOKIE)
  28. Spring Vault 41 - Cole Thruster (Part-Time Rookie)
  29. Revolting 48 - Joey Pitcrews
  30. Dinoco 51 - Cruz Ramirez
  31. Leak Less 52 - Eric Jones
  32. Google Maps 53 - Miles Peeler (ROOKIE)
  33. Tide Laundry Company 57 - Ace Cohen
  34. RPM 64 - Everett Chapcar (ROOKIE)
  35. Carbon Cyber 67 - Mindy Gearson
  36. N20 Cola 68 - H.J Hollis
  37. Gasprin 70 - Richie Gunzit
  38. Rev N Go 73 - M'Fast Fong
  39. Vinyl Toupee 76 - Will Rusch
  40. Gask Its 80 - Dan Carcia (MAYBE, GASK-ITS MAY GO BANKRUPT)
  41. Amazon 81 - Joel Carterson
  42. Shiny Wax 82 - Conrad Camber
  43. Buc-ees 83 - Henry Lugnut
  44. Apple 84 - J.P Drive
  45. ProPower 85 - James Fuelers (ROOKIE)
  46. Rolling Groove 89 - Thomas Revsbit
  47. Cakey Fillings 91 - Jeffery Fillings (ROOKIE)
  48. Bumper Save 90 - Paul Conrev
  49. Sputter Stop 92 - Sheldon Shifter
  50. Spare Mint 93 - Maximus Inngas
  51. Coca Cola 96 - Finn Lowtire
  52. Octane Gain 99 - Danny Swervez
  53. Walmart 100 - Jet Simmons
  54. Lil'Torquey Pistons 117 - Spikey Fillups
  55. Clutch Aid 121 - Klint Shiftright Junior
  56. No Stall 123 - Jonas Carvers

Races Winners

  1. Florida 500
  2. Las Vegas 400
  3. Texas 350
  4. Olympus 500
  5. Mood Springs 400
  6. Pocono 400
  7. BnL 500
  8. Lil'Torquey Pistons 250
  9. Fiber Fuel 400
  10. Nitroade 400
  11. Clutch Aid 400 Dirt Race
  12. Rev N Go 350
  13. Brickyard 400
  14. N20 Cola 400
  15. Frostar Air Filters 400
  16. Revolting 400
  17. Fei 400
  18. Homestead 350
  19. Lightning McQueen 400
  20. No Stall 350
  21. Copper Canyon 400
  22. Calladega 500
  23. Boston 350
  24. Tow Cap 500
  25. Leak Less 400
  26. Blinkr 350
  27. Gasprin 400
  28. Sputter Stop 400
  29. Spare Mint 400
  30. Buc-ees 500
  31. Pepsi 400 (Track at Texas will be replaced by Slinger the shortest track ever)
  32. Amazon 250
  33. Bumper Save: Gears and Glory 450
  34. Dinoco Light 350
  35. Richmond 400
  36. Los Angeles 500



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