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Ace Cohen is a Next-Generation Piston Cup racer who currently competes in the Piston Cup Racing Series for the Tide Laundry Company, bearing the number 57.


He is 21 years old and is the second youngest racer to be in the Piston Cup. (The youngest racer is Michael Rotor at age 17 in the 2017 Florida 500). He was trained at the Rusteze Racing Center and has won lots of Junior Races. His trainer (coach) said that he was ready for a professional contract for the Piston Cup. He was so excited after that day is eager to start in the 2021 Piston Cup Season. (Ace Cohen is sponsored by Tide Laundry Company and has the number 57.) He was born in 2000. Ace finished 19th in the standings. Ace also resembles Nick Shift. He had a bad crash in the 2021 Richmond 400 and Axel Kace quit on him and he will miss the 2021 Los Angeles 500.

Ace, along with his pitties and his family, is currently staying in Radiator Springs until he recovers. Axel paid for his apartment rent and after he quit the apartment was withdrawn by his family and all his belongings were transported by Walmart hauler Neville Haul. Meanwhile, James Comet, Speedy Comet's twin brother, has signed as his crew chief.

Pit Crew

Crew Chief - Axel Kace (2021) James Comet (2021 LA 500-present)

Pitty 1 - Troy Gearson (2021) Steve Forks Jr (2022-present)

Pitty 2 - David Bush (2021) Emma Brown (2022-present)

Pitty 3 - Kirk Draglan (2021) Harry McStop (2022-present)

Pitty 4 - Alex Drifters III (2021-present)

Hauler - Andre Lopez

Personality and traits

His characteristics are just like Lightning McQueen in his rookie season. He was cocky, arrogant, rude to a point, and sarcastic. He felt like he could win the Piston Cup by himself. (like Lightning said, "a one-man show"). However, Ace is not very mean and does not like cheating.