Piston Cup Wiki

This is the wiki policy intended for administrators only. Administrators, please follow these rules; If any admin breaks any of these rules, their admin rights will be taken away and they will possibly be blocked. Help on how to become an administrator can be found here.


  • Please do not bully other administrators or other users; your rights will be taken away and you will receive a warning
  • Please do not block other administrators; your rights will possibly be taken away and you will receive a warning
  • If an admin has been inactive for more than 90 days, their rights will be removed unless if the user has announced a temporarily inactive notice
  • If you are just a casual contributor with lots of edits, having administrator rights are not necessary unless you are taking administrator actions
  • Just because a user is your friend doesn't mean they should automatically get admin rights

Administrator actions

If you are an administrator and you are not doing any of the following below, your admin rights will be taken away.

  • Deleting pages when necessary
  • Blocking/warning users when necessary
  • Moving pages when necessary
  • Locking/deleting posts
  • Reverting edits when needed
  • Changing the wiki's theme when needed
Please contact Fernanxa95 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Administrator policy