Blockage Policy

This is the wiki policy for blocking users on the community. Keep in mind that this policy only applies for administrators because they are the only users at this community that have the privalage to block users.


  • When blocking a user, please give an appropriate reason as to why that user is being blocked
  • Please do not block users that haven't made a single edit on the wiki (except if the account is an alt)
  • When blocking a user, please give an appropriate expiration date on when the block will close
  • Please do not block someone just because you don't like that user

How to block a user

  1. Go to the user's profile page (for ex., User:Default)
  2. Click "Contributions"
  3. After clicking "Contributions", click "block"
  4. Please give an appropriate reason and expiration date for the block
  5. Scroll down to the heading "Additional options:" and click "Confirm block"
  6. After that, click "BLOCK THIS USER"
Please contact Fernanxa95 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Blockage policy
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