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ORT GT ORT GT 1 day ago

New favourite Piston Cup Racer

I have a opinion change on my favourite racer and my favourite Piston Cup racer is Cam Spinner

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Fernanxa95 Fernanxa95 9 days ago

Adrien Kelpton

The Dasani Stockcar is named Adrien Kelpton. He is a Gen 5 racer in the Bahamas. He is currently still racing and is 24 years old. He has also met Lightning McQueen and his friends. He finds Mater pretty funny and they befriended each other. He once got sick in April and checked if he had the Caronavirus but he was tested negative. He was relieved that he was and continued to race.

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 12 days ago

Road To 2000th Edit!

I am at about 1860 edits currently as this post is made. I will be trying to go for my 2000th edit on this wiki by the end of this upcoming Sunday!

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BuffaloBillsFan BuffaloBillsFan 13 days ago

Stuff to do

Please help add birthdays to all drivers if you can! That is my main goal!

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 28 days ago

My User Bio

Ferrari Fan 488 (formerly 458 from 2019-early 2021) is a user. He is currently one of the Head Infobox Agents along with LoganTheCarsDude and a popular artist, being the third best tied with BlueBoi 1014 and Theonationbois (I have seen everybody's artworks and rated them myself). Ferrari will explain his history below in his own style.

  • 1 History
    • 1.1 2019 (LaFerrari Profile Era)
    • 1.2 2020 (Blue Profile Era)
      • 1.2.1 Spring and Summer
      • 1.2.2 Fall and Winter
    • 1.3 2021 (New Era)
  • 2 Trivia (very true)

In 2019, Ferrari first came as a random user with a LaFerrari profile, he was a random user and made a few rankings to go with da flow, but he soon left for some other wikis about some tv shows.

In late 2019, the wiki was at war caused by Matroskin, and Ferrari returned…

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ORT GT ORT GT 29 days ago

1000 Edits


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ORT GT ORT GT 31 October

900 Edits


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PistonClip PistonClip 22 October

I got more achievement points than Fernanxa!

Yes i did

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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 20 October

Ranking Cars 3 Next gens

  1. Ryan Laney
  2. Harvey Rodcap
  3. Paul Conrev
  4. Will Rusch
  5. Michael Rotor
  6. Jim Reverick
  7. Conrad Camber
  8. Dan Carcia
  9. Richie Gunzit
  10. Noah Gocek
  11. Jonas Carvers
  12. J.D. McPillar
  13. Chase Racelott
  14. Flip Dover
  15. HJ Hollis
  16. Sheldon Shifter
  17. Bubba Wheelhouse
  18. Barry DePedal
  19. Eric Braker
  20. Aaron Clocker
  21. Rich Mixon
  22. Cruz Ramirez
  23. Herb Curbler
  24. Cam Spinner
  25. Nick Shift
  26. JP Drive
  27. George New-Win
  28. Chris Roamin'
  29. Steve LaPage
  30. Danny Swervez
  31. Spikey Fillups
  32. M Fast Fong
  33. Tim Treadless
  34. Ed Truncan (Yes, he's in 34th, but I actually like him)
  35. Jackson Storm (The only next-gen I don't like)
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PistonClip PistonClip 18 October

3000 Piston Cup Season

uh, yea im making this

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ORT GT ORT GT 18 October

500 edits


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ORT GT ORT GT 17 October


Since Yesterday I did 300 edits on the piston cup wiki. TODAY I HAVE DONE 400 EDITS ON OCTOBER 17TH 2021!!!

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ORT GT ORT GT 16 October

300 Edits


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PistonClip PistonClip 11 October


Who do you think is the best performing backup?

  1. Cortland
  2. Joltsen
  3. Banks
  4. Turner

(This is an opinion vote)

Votes will be collected on October 19, 2021

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ORT GT ORT GT 30 September

Cars 1 veterans worst to best

1-13 Amazing 14-22 Good 23-29 Neutral 30-33 Bad 34-36 Really Hate

  1. Lightning McQueen
  2. The King
  3. Claude Scruggs
  4. James Cleanair
  5. Chuck Armstrong
  6. Chick Hicks
  7. Kevin Shiftright
  8. Manny Flywheel
  9. Darren Leadfoot
  10. Dale Earnhardt Jr
  11. Ruby Oaks
  12. Misti Motorkrass
  13. Todd Marcus
  14. Aiken Axler
  15. Ponchy Wipeout
  16. Sage Vanderspin
  17. Kevin Racingtire
  18. Billy Oilchanger
  19. Haul Inngas
  20. Windford Bradford Rutherford
  21. Murray Clutchburn
  22. Crusty Rotor
  23. Mac I Car
  24. Floyd Mulvhill
  25. Ralph Carlow
  26. Davey Apex
  27. Slider Petroski
  28. Dirskon D'Agastino
  29. Ryan Shields
  30. Brush Curber
  31. Ernie Gearson
  32. Greg Candyman
  33. Lee Revkins
  34. Rusty Cornfuel
  35. Johnny Blamer
  36. Eugene Carbureski
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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 22 September

2-wheeled vehicles in the Cars universe

This is my interpretation on bicycles and motorbikes in the cars universe.

To start, all motorbikes in the Cars universe have windshields for their eyes, and their mouth is below the headlight, their inner organs are under the seats and body shell. Now. I know what you are thinking, motorbikes will be the Mike Wazowski of Cars, but this is not the thing, Also, they, like cars, don't need riders.

Bikes are different. They are non sentient. Now, being a fan of biking and having quite a slick bike, I thought about a solution, the solution is that bikes are larger and strong enough to accommodate the weight of a car and that the front wheels steer and the rear wheels pedal, they get on in a similar fashion to real bikers.

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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 22 September

Ranking Cars 3 Veterans

  1. Speedy Comet
  2. Carl Clutchen
  3. Ponchy Wipeout
  4. Jimmy Cables
  5. Floyd Mulvihill
  6. Brick Yardley
  7. Cal Weathers
  8. Jack DePost
  9. Rev Roadages
  10. Rev N Go Racer
  11. Dino Draftsky
  12. Bruce Miller
  13. Terry Kargas
  14. Brian Spark
  15. Dud Throttleman
  16. Bobby Roadtesta
  17. Ernie Gearson
  18. Apple Racer
  19. Bobby Swift
  20. Phil Tankson
  21. Lightning McQueen
  22. Dirkson D'Agostino
  23. Chip Gearings
  24. Markus Krankzler
  25. T.G. Castlenut
  26. Darren Leadfoot
  27. Reb Meeker
  28. Buck Bearingly
  29. Parker Brakeston
  30. Tommy Highbanks
  31. Ralph Carlow
  32. Rex Revler
  33. Lane Locke (Even though he's 33, Murray is really the only Cars 3 stock car I don't like and even then I don't mind Murray)
  34. Todd Marcus (Loved his Cars paint job, but I don't like the turquoise on his Cars 3)
  35. Murray Clutchburn (Like Todd, he looks very nice in Cars, but not so nice in Cars 3)
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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 19 September

Ranking cars 3 veterans coming soon

It's been a long time (10 days is a long time for me)...

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 16 September

Markus' Full Story

This is the full story of a troll in 2020 which we know as MarkusKrankzler63 and a shocking fact about him.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Ingredient 1: Discord
  • 3 Ingredient 2: Blockage Aftermath
    • 3.1 April 2021
    • 3.2 May 2021
    • 3.3 How he stole Colin's planets
    • 3.4 June 2021
    • 3.5 July 2021
    • 3.6 How he knows the zillions past a quadrillion
    • 3.7 August 2021
    • 3.8 September 2021
  • 4 Combining Both Ingredients
  • 5 Reply to Ferrari Fan (because I can't comment)
  • 6 Conclusion

Since Markus is too difficult to ask, all this comes from my hacker friend. I also added the ingredients like in another story:


Back in 2017, I was watching YouTube videos. On December, I wanted to talk with a group of other people because I was feeling a bit uncomfo…

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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 8 September

Ranking the Cars 2 Racers from favourite to least favourite

Apart from McQueen

  1. Miguel Camino
  2. Shu Todoroki
  3. Max Schnell
  4. Jeff Gorvette
  5. Lewis Hamilton
  6. Rip Clutchgoneski
  7. Carla Veloso
  8. Raoul Caroule
  9. Francesco Bernoulli
  10. Nigel Gearsley
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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 7 September

This is weird

299 edits, 13/14 days contributed to the wiki, 249/250 edits on articles and 99/100 pictures added to articles.

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 6 September

500 Edits On.......................

I JUST GOT 500th EDITS A DAY AFTER I GOT 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON SEPTEMBER 6th 2021!

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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 6 September

Ranking Cars 1 racers from my favourite to least favourite

  1. Mac iCar
  2. Chuck Armstrong
  3. Ponchy Wipeout
  4. Haul Inngas
  5. Kevin Shiftright
  6. Ruby Oaks
  7. Slider Petrolski
  8. Todd Marcus
  9. The King
  10. Dale Earnhardt Jr
  11. Lee Revkins
  12. Winford Rutherford
  13. Aiken Axler
  14. Billy Oilchanger
  15. Lightning McQueen
  16. Ryan Shields
  17. Darren Leadfoot
  18. Floyd Mulvihill
  19. Manny Flywheel
  20. Dirkson D'Agostino
  21. Ernie Gearson
  22. Misti Motorkrass
  23. Murray Clutchburn
  24. Kevin Racingtire
  25. Rusty Cornfuel
  26. Ralph Carlow
  27. Davey Apex
  28. James Cleanair
  29. Sage VanDerSpin
  30. Brush Curber
  31. Crusty Rotor
  32. Johnny Blamer
  33. Greg Candyman
  34. Eugene Carbureski
  35. Claude Scruggs
  36. Chick Hicks (For obvious reasons)
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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 6 September

400 Edits On......................

I Got 400 Edits On September 5th 2021!

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Fernanxa95 Fernanxa95 5 September

My profile

It's a 2015 Mercedes AMG GT

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 5 September

100 Posts On......................


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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 1 September

300th Edit On.............

My 300th Edit Came On September 1st On The Lightning McQueen Show Page!

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Dordietom10 Dordietom10 31 August

Top 20!

Yessssss! Top 20! past 500 points! and almost 200 edits!

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 26 August

200th Edit On.............

I Made By 200th Edit Of August 26th 2021! It Was Done On The Bob Gears Page!

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 26 August

I Joined On.........

I Joined This Wiki On August 14th 2021!

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 25 August

Some parts of this history match with the 2020 troll crisis

Yes. Here:


Some parts match with the ones in the 2020 troll (you know who he is) manipulation.

  • 2020 troll who manipulates others (you know him) -> UniversePoker777/1917 Darwin
  • Ferrari Fan (because he was friends with the 2020 troll) -> VoidSansXD
  • Win95 -> YellowMarkers1
  • Ruby -> ICantEdit (except that Ruby was not mad at the 2020 troll just because he was harassing)
  • Fernanxa -> 08dravennew
  • Slide (user) -> UltimateVerses123
  • StarLegacy -> MinersHavenM43 (except that SL didn't really hate the 2020 troll and that the 2020 troll did hate her very much and also never threatened to steal the wiki)
  • MannyHeffley -> Deoox111
  • More TBA
  • While this wiki was filled with troll pages, BU was filled…

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Checkered Flag Waver Checkered Flag Waver 15 August

Finishing Making Junior Piston Cup Series Bio's!

I Will be Trying To Finish Making The Junior Piston Cup Bio's!

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 14 July

Addressing Hatred Toward Food In This Wiki

Note: This is not a plagiarism of Fernanxa's, this is just a joke created by Ferrari Fan to educate his friends about Markus' hatred toward pizza, bubblegum, etc.

Anyways, anyone can edit unless they are causing vandalism

  • 1 Food that was hated
    • 1.1 Pizza
    • 1.2 Bubblegum
  • 2 Users that witnessed these hatred
    • 2.1 Ferrari Fan
    • 2.2 Win95
    • 2.3 TTVTeeDee
  • 3 Conclusion

Pizza was hated by Markus because he claims it puts him under Terry's control, which is like he used it to give more hatred toward Terry and hating pizza at the same time. He revealed it when TD Drama put on a pizza profile pic. He later on commented on a harassment short saying he hates pizza. No other user hates pizza, not even ZhangBol because all of the users in the pre-him/Fernanxa/Slide/Winford/Logan …

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Dogamer Dogamer 29 June


Hello! This is my first blog post. I want to remind that I'm the creator of the Piston Cup B, and say that the B teams and repeated numbers from Piston Cup aren't allowed. Please hear me!

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 27 June

Large numbers during the Markus incident

NOTE: Only the numbers past a trillion are here.

Johnny Panzer had asked me to write about something like this so I will do it.

But here is a detail toward the large numbers used by Markus in the incident.

  • 1 Large numbers used by Markus
    • 1.1 Vigintillion
    • 1.2 Tredecillion
    • 1.3 Unvigintillion
    • 1.4 Octovigintillion
    • 1.5 Untrigintillion
    • 1.6 Googol
    • 1.7 Septenquadragintillion
    • 1.8 Googolplex
    • 1.9 Jackburnmillion
  • 2 Used by Ruby
    • 2.1 Quadrillion
    • 2.2 Septillion

Used to be displayed on the Bradford Five page before it was replaced using unvigintillion. Equivalent is 1063

Mentioned in the Robot Johnny Invasion short. Equivalent is 1042.

The most overused of them all. It was used in many harassment articles (such as some where we ground Lorenzo0827, a vandal who was infamous for changing …

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TheRealPetty43 TheRealPetty43 24 June

Hello all. This is a blog post

My next few cars being made are:

Pizza Planet #1

BnL #35

Walmart #62

Toys R Us #66

Target #02

Disney #23

Mattel #45

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Berto Boi Berto Boi 10 June

So Cars is over 15 years old now huh?

I grew up watching the series, and I grew up collecting the die-casts too, and to think, it's been around for 15 years now. Makes ya feel old doesn't it? Happy 15th anniversary Cars! May your movies continue to make children (And racing fans) happy!

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TTVTeeDee TTVTeeDee 28 May

Bad news (IAAR)

Jean Baguette car number 22 (formerly 26 earlier in the season) driving for Apple Racing has been seriously injured in a practice crash at Monaco after crashing into the Mediterranean Sea. His injuries are not life threatening but he is in serious but stable condition.

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Leak52 Leak52 25 May


api9dgrjjwdsiurgvbshdbrugbvwuerfsfnvernvgfsdnvg 3jtudfnvbdfgioybsrejgjsdilfignfvjsdhfcbgjfvviuafuhhfuvdhfgusdhfguhxifgbudhf

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Leak52 Leak52 25 May

temporada 1995 de copa piston

hola bienvenidos a mi primer wiki:en esta temporada llegaron novatos como kevin shiftright windford bradford rutherford ford ford xd y otros

en esta temporada el ganador fue el rey con 15 victorias el perdedor como siempre fue jhonnhy blamer bueno fue corto el articulo pero weno ya que chao

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 23 May

Car Civilization

This is how I think Cars in the Cars universe civilized

In the beginning, stone wheels (cavemen) existed, then, they grew smarter and evolutioned into carriages, carts, and chariots. But they had to be pulled with horses to move along. That was until 1886, when Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler founded their separate companies: Benz and Daimler (the latter later became Mercedes, and today the company's merge is now known as the famous Mercedes-Benz luxury cars). But at that point, only rich carriages could afford to get surgeries into cars. But the breakthrough happened in 1903, when Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company and with the new Model T, carriages can get surgeries into cars for cheaper. And then cars after cars after cars were bo…

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 13 May

Bruce Miller Fanmade Name Reveal

It's Sonny Brakefree.

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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 25 April

Ranking for Vitoline members

A ranking of the members of my FAVORITE SPONSOR!

  1. CHASE RACELOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Brick Yardley!!!
  3. James Cleanair!
  4. Ronald Brakerson (Brick's backup)
  5. Steve Carski
  6. Alex Coolantine (Chase's backup)
  7. Bill Oliver
  8. Max Corner
  9. Alan Gustafcar
  10. Chase Pitty 1
  11. Chase Pitty 2
  12. James Tall Pitty
  13. Chase Pitty 3
  14. James Short Pitty
  15. James Wide Pitty
  16. Bruce Chapcar
  17. Marcus Quick
  18. Gordon Roberts
  19. Charles Robinson
  20. James Everhart (he isn't worst because he hired KING CHASE! YEAH!)
  21. Aikens)
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Ferrari Fan 488 Ferrari Fan 488 17 April

Sound ideas aren't the only form of unnecessary sounds



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MannyHeffley420 MannyHeffley420 16 April

User bio

MannyHeffley420 was a user here. He joined in Late February 2020 and was promoted to an admin in early May 2020. Manny was a friend of every user until around July 2020 when he started attacking President Cars 95 and started a war over Chick Hicks racing an extra year and Dale Earnhardt Jr racing until 2016. The thing that Manny is extremely infamous for is making many Sock Puppet accounts. He was banned forever on October 20th 2020 after harassing many users and causing trouble.

  • MannyHeffleyAlt
  • MannyHeffleyAlter
  • MannyHeffleyMoreAlter
  • MannyHeffleyAbusesTor
  • BillyBarry578
  • DinnyDilvan
  • Hhhaaahhh
  • LmaoThingorWhatEver
  • MarsDePlanet
  • KimiAlfaRomeoWgaf
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ZhangBol000 ZhangBol000 14 April

User Bio

ZhangBol000 was a user here that was a threat and a harasser. He had blocked several users when they haven't made an edit on the wiki. For situations, he comes up plans to "destroy" the users/cars he hates. Everyone was manipulated into thinking he was right about things, when it was his fault day one. For example, he made everyone believe that 124PX1 blocked him for no reason and made everyone believe 124PX1 was a bad user, when in reality 124PX1 was right about the block, since ZhangBol did vandalism on the WOC wiki. When everyone found out ZhangBol was the threat, everyone became furious and users regretted ever knowing him. He was defeated around the end of March 2021 after things were exposed of him along with his friend 63MarkusKran…

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63MarkusKrankzler 63MarkusKrankzler 14 April

User Bio

63MarkusKrankzler was a user here that was a threat and a harasser. He had blocked several users when they haven't made an edit on the wiki. For situations, he comes up with plans to "destroy" the users/cars he hates. Everyone was manipulated into thinking he was right about things when it was his fault day one. When everyone found out Markus was the threat, everyone became furious and users regretted ever knowing him. He was defeated around the end of March 2021 after things were exposed of him along with his friend ZhangBol000.

Markus is also extremely infamous for making people hate the innocent StarLegacy and Our Green Tornado for no reason, this started back in February 2020 when Markus accused the two of them Protecting Cars 4: Last C…

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FloydMulvihill70 FloydMulvihill70 12 April

Let’s block accounts that aren’t used anymore

I will block an account deceased.

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LoganTheCarsDude LoganTheCarsDude 11 April


Get rid of all the sound ideas, and the 2018 Lovely World 500. Stampylonghead has nothing with this wiki.

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