Piston Cup Wiki

This is the wiki policy for blogs on the community. Make sure you follow these rules before blogging. You will receive one warning on your message wall if you break any of these rules. If you break any of the rules after being given a warning, you will be blocked.


  • Blogs that are containing inappropriate or off-topic content will be deleted
  • Blogs that have little to no content will be deleted
  • Please do not make blogs for the sake of earning badges, contributing to our wiki is not a game
  • Please do not ask general questions when blogging when your question can be answered on the wiki
  • No advertising when blogging; this includes making blogs about other wikis
  • Blogs that break the Community Rules and FANDOM's guidelines will be delete too

How to make a blog

  1. To create a blog post, go to the "Blog" tab on your user profile. (the url should be piston-cup.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:{username here})
  3. Please give your blog post a title
  4. Once you give your blog post a title, click "OK"
  5. After you click "OK", you will have yourself on visual edit mode and your blog is in the creating process.
  6. After you have finished your blog, click "SAVE" and your blog will save and it will be created.
Please contact Fernanxa95 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Blog policy