Discussion/Message Policy

This is the wiki policy for creating discussion posts and leaving messages to users on the community. Please make sure you read these rules before posting or messaging anyone. You will receive one warning on your message wall if you break any of these rules. If you break any of the rules after being given a warning, you will be blocked.

Discussion Rules

  • Discussion posts that have little to no content at all will be deleted
  • Discussion posts that contain inappropriate or off-topic content will be deleted
  • Please do not advertise when making discussion posts; this includes making posts about other wikis
  • Please do not ask general questions when making discussion posts when your question can be answered on the wiki
  • Discussion posts that break the Community Rules and FANDOM's guidelines will be deleted
  • Please keep your discussion in the appropriate discussion category
  • Please do not spam when creating discussions; if you have a discussion post in one category, please don't put it in another category

How to create a discussion post

  1. Go to
  2. Click "What's on your mind, {username here}?" (NOTE: If you want to create a poll, click "POLL")
  3. Please give your discussion post a title
  4. Please give your discussion post a good description
  5. After you give your discussion post a description and title, click "NEXT"
  6. If you want to tag your discussion post to an article, click "ADD TAG +" and type in the article you want to tag in your discussion post
  7. When finished, click "CREATE POST"

Message rules

  • Please do not message users that contain harassment or inappropriate content; if someone messages you with something you don't like, please report it to an administrator
  • When messaging a user, wait patiently for them to respond; do not start a flame war, just walk away
  • Please do not advertise when messaging users; this includes links to other wikis, etc.
  • Messages that contain harassment, inappropriate content, NSFW content, etc., will all be deleted by an administrator and you will be blocked
  • Messages that break the Community Rules and FANDOM's guidelines will be deleted

How to message a user

  1. Go to the message wall of the user you wish to contact (for ex. the url should be
  2. Click "Write a message to {username here}"
  3. Please give your message a title
  4. Please give your message a description
  5. Once you have a description and title for your message, click "POST"
  6. Your message should appear on the user's message wall
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