Piston Cup Wiki

This is the wiki policy for uploading images and files on the community. Make sure you follow these rules before uploading any files. You will receive one warning on your message wall if you break any of these rules. If you break any of the rules after being given a warning, you will be blocked.


  • Images and videos that break the community rules and FANDOM guidelines will be deleted
  • Please have at least 50 edits on the wiki before uploading images and videos
  • Please do not upload inappropriate images/videos
  • Please do not upload off-topic images and videos; these will be deleted
  • Please give an image/video a proper file name (dflksadfasdlkfj.jpg is not acceptable; it should be specific such as Lightning McQueen.jpg or Cruz Ramirez.jpg)
  • If a file is named something inappropriate, it will be renamed or it will be deleted
  • If a file, for example, is titled Jackson storm.jpg instead of Jackson Storm.jpg, then that will be okay
  • Please do not upload images/files that are already on the wiki; duplicate images/files will be deleted

How to upload a file

  1. Go to Special:Upload and click "CHOOSE FILE" which is next to "Source filename".
  2. After you click "CHOOSE FILE", choose the file in your device that you wish to upload.
  3. After you choose your desired file that you wish to upload, scroll to the bottom of Special:Upload and click "Upload file".

Please contact Fernanxa95 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Image/Video policy