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Jet Simmons is a next-generation Piston Cup racer who currently competes in the Piston Cup Racing Series since 2021.


He is 22 years old and was trained by his father, Dexter Simmons. Dexter Simmons was a racer in the Finland Racing Series. Jet did not go to the Rusteze Racing Center to be trained because his father trained him to race. A few days later, His father registered Jet in the Piston Cup Series next year. Jet was so happy to be in the Piston Cup. It has been his life-long dream. A week after that, sponsors asked Jet to sign for a team. He chose Walmart, who was willing to have a racer. He was given the number 100 for the team. He was so excited to be debuting next season. He resembles Chase Racelott. Jet finished 17th in the standings. He had an argument with Joey Pitcrews who claimed that Jet crashed him in one of the Junior Piston Cup races but after the 2021 Dinoco Light 350 Joey apologized to Jet and they became friends again.

List of Wins

  1. 2021 N20 Cola 400

Pit Crew

Crew Chief - Dexter Simmons

Pitty 1 - Harry Lightyear

Pitty 2 - Ronnie Paxton

Pitty 3 - Jack Pitstops Jr

Hauler - Neville Haul