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Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen was a legendary Piston Cup racer that won 7 Piston Cups since he debuted in 2005. Lightning resides in the small town of Radiator Springs in Carburetor County, where he has a racing headquarters, as well as a stadium.

He also has an Australian brother called Joel McQueen. His sponsor used to be Smell Swell Deodorant, but he was fired and replaced with Sammy Smelter. His racing career can be dated back to 2001 or 2002.

Lightning was born on November 18th, 1977 in Los Angeles. He went to a high school in LA and also was described as someone who preferred to be by himself which is why he didn't have many friends he did have a few though. His favorite colors of all time are red, blue, and silver.


He is one of fourteen racers to have been giving a farewell lap. The first thirteen can be found here.

Lightning had 86 career wins, 7 Piston Cup wins, and 1 tie-breaker for the Cup win.

His main inspirations are Doc Hudson (as he was his mentor and crew chief), The King (as he helped him cross the finish line), Mario Andretti, Dale Earnhardt Sr, and Don Chapcar.

Another competition in which Lightning ran was the World Grand Prix. He raced there between 2011 and 2016, and also raced in the Piston Cup throughout those years as well. He started a TV show in 2022 called The Lightning McQueen Show that will recap Piston Cup races, starting in 2022. He came back to the World Grand Prix in 2021.

Pit Crew

Crew Chief - Greg Startman (11 races in 2005), Bill Tropspace (10 races in 2005), Tony Goer (14 races in 2005)

Pitty 1 - Not Chuck

Pitty 2 - Fernie Fork

Pitty 3 - Austin Wheels

Pitty 4 - Donald Fuelins

Pitty 5 - Billy

Hauler - Mack Haulsmith


Pre-Piston Cup Racing Days

Before he would become a famous Piston Cup racer in 2005, Lightning McQueen raced in the Busch Series (now Xfinity) for Rust-Eze and Smell Swell with the number 57. He debuted in 2002. He would do ok in 2003, but in 2004, he won both Calladega races and nearly won the Faux Wheel Drive 300 that year before a late-race speeding penalty made him lose the race.

2005 Season (Rookie Year)

He debuted in the Piston Cup in 2005 as a rookie. He replaced Gerald Leadfoot, who had a career ending crash at the 2004 Dinoco 400, McQueen was kinda mean and fired 3 crew chiefs. The 1st one after the 2005 Rev N Go 350 due to Lightning crashing, the second one in the 2005 Cartinsville 400 after a long pitstop caused him to lose the race and the third in the 2005 Richmond 400 after a punctured tire causes him to DNF .In the 2005 Dinoco 400, he tied With Chick Hicks and The King, which would set him for three way tie battle race for the Piston Cup. however, on the way to Los Angeles, McQueen got lost, he was found a week later in a little town called Radiator Springs were he had been arrest for 5 days to fix the road after accidental wrecking it. During McQueens time in Radiator Springs, he went from being an self-center rookie to and kind and caring car and he made new Friends such as Tow Mater, Sally, and Doc Hudson. McQueen began the tie breaker poorly due to missing his friends in Radiator Springs, but when he saw Doc Hudson and the other Radiator Springs townies with Doc being McQueen's crew chief, McQueen started to perform better, he was about to win the 2005 Piston Cup, however, Chick Hicks Rammed The King and sent him flipping several times, McQueen went back to help The King, Chick Won the 2005 Piston Cup but was booed and Chick was banned for Life, While McQueen was praised for his good Sportsmanship.

2006 To 2009 Seasons

He won the 2006 Piston Cup as well as his first Nightdona 500 that year. He did very well in 2007 too, winning his 2nd Piston Cup. The old generation of racers was retiring and new ones were arriving. This is Lightning's chance to make new friends. He made friends with Ponchy Wipeout, Cal Weathers, and Brick Yardley.

In the 2008 Piston Cup Season Lightning faced tough competition from Cal Weathers and ended up losing to Cal who won the 2008 Piston Cup. He also won his first Calladega 500 in 2008 too and Bobby Swift became friends with Lightning this year.

Lightning won his 3rd Piston Cup in 2009 and had a great victory in the Nightdona 500 that year. Sadly, his mentor, the Hudson Hornet, died in December 2009 and Lightning needed a new crew chief and picked Mater. Reb Meeker became friends with Lightning in 2009 as well.

2010 Season and the DrugGate Scandal.

In 2010, Lightning had a great start winning the first 4 races including the Florida 500. he then took his first win at Indy to get one step closer to his triple crown and then took the Calladega 500 to earn the Triple Crown. The 2010 season would be Lightning's best year of his career winning 20 races, the Triple Crown, as well as being ahead of Cal Weathers by more than 200 points. it was slightly marred by the DrugGate scandal when a hater called Jay Crankspin accuses Lightning of having drugs, Lightning did have drugs but he's not an addict and is merely using them to control anger, but later on he stopped using them and started getting lessons to stay calm, Jay Crankspin got blocked on Blinkr and possibly ran away to another country after that.

2011 to 2017 Seasons

Before the 2011 Piston Cup season, he raced in the first-ever WGP but he didn't win, in fact, no one won. The season would start ok. Not great but Lightning won a few races. Again Cal Weathers would be tough competition. That all would change at Darlington in the No Stall 350 where Lightning would have his worst crash yet after being involved on a big pileup in which he took the most damage. It was Lightning's worst year by far.

Lightning then won the Piston Cups in 2012 and 2013 doing great in those years. In 2013, however, T.G Castlenut did very well and was a competition to Lightning McQueen. T.G even nearly won but two DNF in the last two races of the season cost T.G the championship

Lightning started slowing down in 2014 where he was not as good as his earlier years even though he won the Piston Cup. 2015 was not great for him either as Brick Yardley performed better then him and won the Piston Cup.

In 2016 he was about to win the Piston Cup until Jackson Storm and the other Next-Gens racers started to dominate and the older cars quit or got fired. He crashed in the final race. 

Time later, he participated for a half of the Florida 500 until he called back Cruz to replace him. Cruz won the race after that. Afterwards he decided to retire but he never truly quit racing. This was proven in 2021 when he became Cruz's backup racer by replacing her in the 2021 Copper Canyon 400 because of her injury in the 2021 Moscow Grand Prix.


  1. 2005 Las Vegas 400
  2. 2005 New York 400
  3. 2005 Mario Andretti 400
  4. 2005 Gasprin 400
  5. 2006 Nightdona 500
  6. 2006 Michigan 400
  7. 2006 Mario Andretti 400
  8. 2006 Boston 350
  9. 2006 Richmond 400
  10. 2006 Dinoco 400
  11. 2007 Las Vegas 400
  12. 2007 BnL 500
  13. 2007 N20 Cola 400
  14. 2007 Mario Andretti 400
  15. 2007 Cartinsville 400
  16. 2007 Tank Coat 400
  17. 2007 Dinoco Light 350
  18. 2008 Las Vegas 400
  19. 2008 Texas 350
  20. 2008 Olympus 500
  21. 2008 N20 Cola 400
  22. 2008 Los Angeles 500
  23. 2008 Calladega 500
  24. 2009 Nightdona 500
  25. 2009 Olympus 500
  26. 2009 New York 400
  27. 2009 Nitroade 400
  28. 2009 Boston 350
  29. 2009 Spare Mint 400
  30. 2009 Dinoco Light 350
  31. 2010 Florida 500
  32. 2010 Las Vegas 400
  33. 2010 Texas 350
  34. 2010 Olympus 500
  35. 2010 Revolting 400
  36. 2010 BnL 500
  37. 2010 Vitoline 350
  38. 2010 Homestead 350
  39. 2010 Nitroade 400
  40. 2010 Brickyard 400
  41. 2010 Calladega 500
  42. 2010 Gasprin 400
  43. 2010 Boston 350
  44. 2010 Leak Less 400
  45. 2010 Spare Mint 400
  46. 2010 Blinkr 350
  47. 2010 Intersection 350
  48. 2010 Bumper Save: Gears And Glory 450
  49. 2010 Richmond 400
  50. 2010 Los Angeles 500
  51. 2011 BnL 500
  52. 2011 Vitoline 350
  53. 2011 Blinkr 350
  54. 2012 Mood Springs 400
  55. 2012 BnL 500
  56. 2012 Vitoline 350
  57. 2012 N20 Cola 400
  58. 2012 Fei 400
  59. 2012 Brickyard 400
  60. 2012 Calladega 500
  61. 2012 Copper Canyon 400
  62. 2012 Boston 350
  63. 2012 Virginia 400
  64. 2012 Intersection 350
  65. 2012 Los Angeles 500
  66. 2013 Rev N Go 350
  67. 2013 Fei 400
  68. 2013 Brickyard 400
  69. 2013 Mario Andretti 400
  70. 2013 Copper Canyon 400
  71. 2013 Richmond 400
  72. 2013 Los Angeles 500
  73. 2014 Florida 500
  74. 2014 Texas 350
  75. 2014 Leak Less 400
  76. 2014 Sputter Stop 400
  77. 2014 Tank Coat 400
  78. 2014 Los Angeles 500
  79. 2015 Iowa 400
  80. 2015 N20 Cola 400
  81. 2015 Tank Coat 400
  82. 2016 Las Vegas 400
  83. 2016 Brickyard 400
  84. 2016 Lightning McQueen 400
  85. 2016 Tow Cap 500
  86. 2016 Blinkr 350


  • "Ka-chow!" - Catchphrase
  • "I'm faster than fast. Quicker than quick. I am lightning!" - Cars
  • "Oh, Kori. There's a lot more to racing than just winning. I mean, taking the race by a full lap... Where's the entertainment in that?" - Cars
  • "No, no. I wanted to give the folks a little sizzle." - Cars
  • "And am I sorry I don't have a crew chief? No, I'm not. 'Cause I'm a one-man show." - Cars
  • "Yo, Chuck. Chuck, what are you doing? You're blockin' the camera! Everyone wants to see the bolt." - Cars
  • "Now, back away." - Cars
  • "Ow! Whoa, team! Where are you going?" - Cars
  • "Oh, OK, leave. Fine. How will I ever find anyone else who knows how to fill me up with gas? Adios, Chuck!" - Cars
  • "Oh, whatever." - Cars
  • "I love being me." - Cars
  • "Yes, yes, yes! Lightning McQueen here, and I use Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment, new rear end formula. Nothing soothes a rusty bumper like Rust-eze. Wow! look at that shine! Use Rust-eze, and you too, so that you can look like me! Ka-chow!" - Cars
  • "Mater?" - Cars
  • "Holy Porsche! She's gotta be from my attorney's office." - Cars
  • "I'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics!" - Cars
  • "Pch. Crazy grandpa car, what an idiot." - Cars
  • "No Mater, I gotta finish this road, and I have to get out of here." - Cars
  • "Whoa, whoa, easy now, Mater. Do you know who you're talking to? This is Lightning McQueen. I can handle anything." - Cars
  • "It's good to be home, everybody." - Cars 2
  • "I know Doc said these things were just old cups... but to have someone else win it just didn't feel right, you know?" - Cars 2
  • "Thank you so much for having us, Sir Axlerod. I really look forward to racing. This is a great opportunity." - Cars 2
  • "I'm coming for you, Storm." - Cars 3
  • "I decide when I'm done." - Cars 3
  • "This is my last chance, Cruz. Last! Final! Finito! If I lose, I'd never get to do this again!" - Cars 3
  • "If you were a racer, you'd know what I'm talking about, but you're not! So you DON'T!!" - Cars 3
  • "No, but I can't go out on the track and do the same old thing. It won't work." - Cars 3
  • "I'm gonna keep racing. But before that, I got something I want to do." - Cars 3  
  • "Mater was telling the truth!" - Cars 2 Lights & Sounds Lightning McQueen, unused. He did say it in the actual universe sometimes.

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  • His racing number, "95" is a reference to the year 1995, when Pixar's first feature-length film, Toy Story was released. Originally, his number was going to be 57, which is the year John Lasseter was born, 1957.
  • Lightning's last name "McQueen" is a reference to Glenn McQueen, a supervising animator at Pixar who passed away in 2002.
  • Early concept arts suggest that he was originally blue, not red.
  • His best friends are Cal Weathers, Bobby SwiftBrick Yardley, Reb Meeker, and Cruz Ramirez. He is also good friends with Jack DePost, Rex Revler, and Ponchy Wipeout.
  • He is enemies with Henson Driver
  • Lightning performs best on important tracks like Nightdona/Florida, Calladega, Los Angeles, and Indy but also in Kansas, Michigan, and some others.
  • Lightning's worst tracks were he badly performs are Darlington and Dover.
  • He visited a total of 14 countries in his lifetime (Japan, Italy, England, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, China, Argentina, Spain, India, Russia, Egypt, and Netherlands).).
  • He visited Haul Inngas' mother Maria Inngas when he went to the Netherlands in 2016.
  • Most of the countries he visited because he raced there
  • His model is a heavily modified one of a kind 2000 stock car. In super rare high school photos you could see he used to be a Crown Celesta that resembles Manny Flywheel before he becomes a modified car.
  • He set the fastest lap in the 2005 Dinoco 400
  • Lightning McQueen is a 2005 Handmade Stock Car which is also called an EA Prototype.
  • He never raced with a grill because he was not a fan of them and also probably because of Chick Hicks and also because of his aerodynamic sports car design.
  • Lightning plays Puckball with Cruz. ]