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Welcome to PistonCupedia, we are an unofficial, fanonical, and alternate World of Cars universe centering on the racing competitions and making our parodies of real life and many fictional new elements. A list of racing competitions, as well as our other wikis are below. a few of them are outside of this wiki. Our main racing competition universe is the Piston Cup Racing Series. The Piston Cup is based off the real-life NASCAR racing competition.

Racing competitions

World Grand Prix

Wings Around the Globe

Links and more info

Link to F1 (Cars Universe): https://formula-racing-cars-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Formula_Racing_(Cars_Universe)_Wiki

Link to Indycar (Cars Universe): https://indycars-cars-universe.fandom.com/wiki/IndyCars_(Cars_Universe)_Wiki

Link to World Rally Championship (Cars Universe): coming soon

Link To SRX (Superstar Racing Experience): (Cars Universe): (Currently In Progress): https://srx-superstar-racing-experience-cars-universe.fandom.com/wiki/SRX_Superstar_Racing_Experience_(Cars_Universe)_Wiki

Link to Piston Cup Dirt Wiki: (Currently In Progress) TBA By CFW Only.[1]

Link to Piston Cup Racers Main Version: All Piston Cup Racers Ever Known (Main Version)

Link to the Piston Cup Winners: List of Piston Cup Champions

Link to the Racing Schedule: https://piston-cup.fandom.com/wiki/Racing_Schedule