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Discord is a free voice and text chat app. It is much better than the Fandom's chat. Discord can be accessed through a web browser or the app which can be downloaded from their website. Help on how to use Discord can be found here.

How to Join

  1. Register an account. Go here. After doing that, make sure the email that is used to register the account is verified.
  2. Get Discord. You can download the Discord app here. If you cannot do that, you can use Discord in-browser.
  3. After joining the server, you'll find yourself in the #general channel. You will find the channels list on the left-hand side.

Rules of the Discord server

These are the Discord community rules. If you break any of these rules you will receive two warning messages on your DM wall. If the situation is highly threatful, then you will only receive one warning, or if it is very high threatful, you will be permanently blocked.

  • No bullying (if someone is bullying you, please tell an admin and show us a link to where that person is bullying you)
  • No personal information (your age, time zone, and which country you live in don’t apply, but family info, your real-life crisis, and other private info is prohibited)
  • Zero tolerance for NSFW content (Do not post NSFW stuff, including: porn, shock images, or sexual themes.This includes but limited to usernames, avatars, memes, jokes, references, posts that show violence, and other unsuitable topics ​or implied content. If you aren't sure if an image is acceptable or not, please ask an administrator)
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia; every user and creation of a racer deserves equal rights
  • If you are a blocked user and return on a new account, your messages will be deleted and your alt account(s) will be blocked
  • Do not come on the Discord with more than two backup accounts
  • Swearing is OK, as long as you don’t curse at users or others intentionally
  • Don't compare Cars characters with human surgery is prohibited No roleplaying; users find this annoying. You are not a Piston Cup racer, NASCAR veteran, nor a NASCAR crew chief. Having your username be any roleplay is OK, as long as you don’t post anything
  • Users of all ethnicities, sexualities, and religious preferences are welcomed here
  • Do not have any conversations/discussions involving religions, politics, or sexualities
  • Do not send/post any death threats to any user No unjust hatred for users nor characters from the Cars franchise
  • Make sure you are in the appropriate channel for your conversations
  • If you and another user is dominating the chat in one channel, consider moving your chat to DMs
  • Please keep memes in the #shitpost channel only
  • No self promotion or advertising

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