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Start date: October 25th, 2021




  • You are allowed to choose more than one role
  • Bold italics indicate this/these user(s) is the team leader (they have the same title but with a Head before them)
  • Italics role markings behind the role means that this role can be considered as a secondary job for some jobs
  • Certain roles with a (sometimes) tag's profile title will start with a Part-Time

List of roles

Role Users joined Profile tag Status Resource
Removing unnecessary categories/articles LoganTheCarsDude, Winford Bradford Rutherford 64, Fernanxa95, Ferrari Fan 488 (sometimes), Checkered Flag Waver Removers One more user allowed to join AllPages, Categories
Creating/remastering artworks for racers/pit crew members/other Fake Super, Ferrari Fan 488, Fernanxa95 (sometimes), Theonationbois, Dordietom10, TyrantrusMaxX, LoganTheCarsDude, Checkered Flag Waver, BlueBoi 1014 Artists Closed for sign-ups iBis paint (mobile software),Kleki, Microsoft Paint, Sketchpad, YouIDraw, Pixlr, Aggie, Sumopaint,Vectr, LetsDrawIt, GIMP Browser Extension, Google Quick Draw
Expanding stub articles LoganTheCarsDude, BuffaloBillsFan, TTVTeeDee, Asherpate220, ToonGuy29, PistonClip, Gask-its-Productions 80 Expanders Closed for sign-ups ShortPages
Adding infoboxes to each racer, car, etc, Ferrari Fan 488, LoganTheCarsDude, BuffaloBillsFan, Berto Boi, Fernanxa95 Infobox Agents Closed for sign-ups N/A
Adding stats to pages of racers, crew chiefs, and teams Fake Super, LoganTheCarsDude, BuffaloBillsFan, 3rdnax3lagmg, PistonClip Statistic Agents Closed for sign-ups N/A
Add standings/results/transcripts to each race Winford Bradford Rutherford 64, Fake Super, BuffaloBillsFan, Checkered Flag Waver, LoganTheCarsDude. Race Agents Closed for sign-ups N/A
Adding birthdays to racers/pit crew members, cars, etc. BuffaloBillsFan, Dordietom10, Checkered Flag Waver Car Birthday Agents Closed for sign-ups Make them up or choose their based on NASCAR driver

Roles saved for later

(when users have completed most of their work on tasks, they may move on to these roles. Please ask Fernanxa95 for permission to do this)

Role Users joined Profile tag Status Resource
Add at least one photo to each page Ferrari Fan 488, Checkered Flag Waver Photo Addition Agents TBA N/A
Replace several images on articles with galleries Ferrari Fan 488, Checkered Flag Waver Artists TBA N/A
Add at least one link to each page Fernanxa95, PistonClip, Dordietom10 Link Agent TBA Pages with no links
Rename all images to what the image is displaying TBA Image Renaming Agents TBA Special:ListFiles
Delete unnecessary images TBA Removers TBA Special:ListFiles
Remove censor sounds from race pages ORT GT Race Agents TBA N/A
Categorizing categories TBA TBA TBA UncategorizedCategories
Remove unnecessary commentators from race articles and replace them with NASCAR/Piston Cup announcers Winford Bradford Rutherford 64, TyrantrusMaxX Race Agents TBA Click here

Issues that are resolved

  • Categorizing pages

Other resources

If there are links you'd like to share, feel free to paste them by their category.

How to contact Fernanxa95

  • Fernanxa95's message wall (piston-cup.fandom.com/wiki/Message_Wall:Fernanxa95)
  • Fernanxa95's Discord username (Fernanxa#3437)
  • Fernanxa95's gmail (fernanxa2365@gmail.com)