Piston Cup Wiki

Hello! my name is ORT GT and I love the cars franchise my favourite out of the franchise is Cars 1 and I hope in the future they make a 4th film. I enjoy the series and I have only a few diecasts. This year I have done 1000 edits on this wiki. Now I gonna get to 5000 edits. #Road to 5000. I was born in 2007.

My Favourite Piston Cup racer and least favourite

My favourite Piston Cup racer is Lightning McQueen and Cal Weathers and my least favourite is Eugene Carbureski.

Things I love other than Cars

  • Sport like Motorsport, Football and Rugby
  • Marvel
  • Thomas the tank engine (From my childhood)
  • Other Pixar films except The good Dinosaur and Brave but if anyone likes those two films I can Handle your opinion
  • The world cup and euros
  • Formula 1
  • Rush 2013 (My favourite movie)
  • MotoGP

What ORT GT likes

love Motorsport and football





shows from my childhood


Going on holiday

Watching races like Silverstone

Time with my family

Formula 1


What ORT GT Hates

Boring races



Unfair Penalties

Motorsport fights and Arguments

Doing bad Artwork

Death threats

Racist Abuse

Isle of man TT

Piston Cup racers I love (There are a lot)

Lightning McQueen

Cal Weathers

The King

Bobby Swift

Winford Bradford Rutherford

The Shiftright's

Claude Scruggs

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Todd Marcus

Chase Racelott

Daniel Swevez

Ryan Laney

Chick Hicks

Jackson Storm

Bubba Wheelhouse

Darren Leadfoot

Cruz Ramirez

TG Castlenut

Parker Brakeston

Tim Treadless

Paul Conrev

Flip Dover

Michael Rotor

Cam Spinner

What is exciting in the Piston Cup

How the piston cup Seasons go

Great Races

Rookies making debuts

My Artwork

My favourite racers