Piston Cup Wiki

This is the Piston Cup community's wiki leadership team. This team helps administrate and moderate the entire wiki and helps the community grow and thrive. Feel free to message them if you have any questions!

Leadership Team

President of the Wiki

Lightning McQueen after 2017 Florida 500.png

Cars 95 is the current President of the wiki. He is the main leader of this community and is proud to assist his fellow users. Cars 95, at first, was an anonymous user at the Piston Cup wiki but became the president after he chose to make the community a better place.

Vice President of the Wiki

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Fernanxa is the current Vice President of the wiki. He is one of the main leaders of this community and has founded “Roles/Resources”, a group association created for users to take on the tasks to fix issues that are going around at the community. Similar to Cars 95, Fernanxa was an anonymous user at the Piston Cup community and he decided to create an account to make the wiki have a better atmosphere.

Wiki Representative

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ReverieCode (Lucas Melo) is the Wiki Representative at Fandom. He helps thrive and grow this wiki. ReverieCode helps the administrators with things such as adding features to the community, resolving technical issues, and supporting the wiki.